Class of 2012 Chants

high school diverse 300x207 Class of 2012 Chants“Hunters will come & Hunters will go
Maroon & Gold are what we know
So into this new world, we’ll delve
That’s right; We’re the class of 2012!

dont give us your boo
we are the class of 1-2
we are here we are proud and we are still new
learning the ropes trying to get it right, dont put up down we are ready for a spirt fight

Can you Prepare for College as a Junior?

You know a few colleges already: the famous, local, and some examples of out, that have a football championship or the heart of your older cousin won.

But what about the few thousand other colleges out there? How do you know about this? How do you think about Senior Year, here is some advice about how to find your best college game.

Go to college fairs

College fairs are in your high school gym or a local convention center instead. At a college fair, you have the opportunity to talk with representatives and obtain information about their schools.

“The students can find information about the pick majors, scholarships and financial assistance, costs for participation, data one of the university, information about the visit, alumni, student life activities, housing and much more,” says Michelle Lockhart, director of the Bachelor’s admission to Oklahoma City University ( “In addition to the materials that are handed out, the University representative behind every table at a college fair a wealth of knowledge about the institution, and they are able to answer additional questions can have students.”

Why should one go on?

Visiting a college fair is a great first step. “Most students do not realize how many colleges and universities are out there,” says Lockhart.

“We look for students at the fair that we know has always been, so we talk to them about it they may have questions as they continue their search and move through the recording.”

Campus Tour
Not only see in pictures online

College tours are run by current students at the school.

“Taking a tour is important because you get more of a feel for the campus atmosphere,” says Kwame Lovell, a junior, the tour leader at Hobart College ( is. “When I took my tour, my guide told personal stories, as we walked the campus, which are connected more to me and welcomed on campus. As a guide, I can do the same. I think it really helps prospective students.”

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