Class of 2012 Quotes

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class of 2012 300x248 Class of 2012 QuotesClass of 08′ is great?

09 is fine??

10 loyal til the end????!?

in heaven with the class of 11????

i guess class of 2012 are the only ones who dont think of themselves. (=

Class of 2012 to things to do:

Are you just finishing second year and start thinking about life as a junior? Here are five things to do in the next school year.

1st Take all of your standardized tests
The best advice I can give students to complete all the standardized tests by the end of the year your junior.

Countless students have before the error, the tests had been staying during the summer after Äîthen to turn this plan into a disaster in the fall, when so many other tasks requiring attention.

2nd Get the best grades possible
Nothing is more significant for college admissions, because, as you complete your junior year.

Why? By the time you reach your Junior Year in high school, you have settled in routine and matured to the point that schools can see how you perform in school. The courses will want to see more and more demanding, higher education and how to deal with the pressure.

The classes you take, speak volumes about your motivation and the extent of their intellectual curiosity. If you get an A in a class as a sophomore, you should use a more sophisticated class of next year.

3rd Participate in the class for great recommendations
In high school, students do not want others see it as the “Äúteacher, AOS pet. Au But you know what?

The teacher assures aos pet the best college recommendations. In many cases, a student in the class and really interested in pursuing this curiosity outside the classroom. Continuation of the academic areas that interest you, as far as possible. If you are an intellectual interest to share with a teacher, of course, the more the teacher will look at a, Äúgood Student, Au, Äúdedicated, Au and Aua student who always goes beyond what is expected. Au

On the other hand, if you in the back of the room and to urge teachers barely spoke throughout the year, find themselves in a very stressful job, if found, AOS time teacher recommendations request.

want to end, face aos it: If it can not be a high school teacher to stand up for you, why would a university that in their classrooms? What can you offer to the discussion?

4th Join extracurricular activities
The way in which you spend time outside the classroom serves as a testament to your morale.

Students often assume that the involvement in as many activities as humanly possible, the ticket to the university. Wrong!

As a Junior Year beginning to evaluate your activities and reflect on whether the activities to take part, where you provide a description of your interests and passions.

If not, set down your priorities. The activities involving you should have a thread that holds it together.

5th Take advantage of your opportunities
Admissions officers look for students who step out of their comfort zone and seek new experiences.

Students who ignore the opportunities do not respond to admissions officers. If the student is not the best of their opportunities during high school, then chances are they doing in the same university.

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